A new writing studio within a late-19th Century outhouse, to the rear of a Grade II* listed house in a picturesque village. A careful survey of the existing fabric gives rise to a series of interventions which can be deployed in phases and with a range of skillsets. The roof requires rebuilding, so thermal and weatherproofing upgrades are proposed alongside new rooflights. Its materials and charming historic details, including a ridge-top birdhouse, are retained.

Then, working largely from the inside on a constrained site, the proposals are designed to be completed over a longer period of time, to suit the client’s needs. The material palette includes only dry trades and natural materials which can be dismounted, cut and re-hung as necessary. The resulting project is very compact – just one room plus a bathroom – so efficient and inventive joinery elements allow the space to shift in accordance with its desired use(s) and the seasons.